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Used Book Sale

Happy New Year!

We will begin taking book donations on Tuesday, January 10 and Tuesdays thereafter from 12-4 p.m. at the library.

Books should be in “saleable condition” and we ask that donors limit their contributions to two bags at a time.


Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

We had a huge sale in late September moving approximately 20,000 books, most through direct sales in over four days.

The books that didn’t sell we gave to Discover Books to deliver worldwide.

We hope to be able to accept new book donations soon.   Not yet, however.

Book Donations
We love having a community where people take the time to donate books and volunteer to help sell them. That way we can help our library keep up to date with materials and programs. But. Please remember that the books you donate to us must be sellable. As you cull your personal library, please consider the following FOL guidelines:

Yes Please! No Thank You
  • Fiction in good condition
  • Non-fiction in good condition
  • History, biography in good condition
  • Cook books in good condition
  • Gardening books in good condition
  • Potentially rare and valuable books
  • Children’s books in good condition
  • Complete puzzles in good condition
  • Audio books, CD’s, DVD’s
  • Textbooks and encyclopedias
  • Books smelling of smoke, mildew, etc.
  • Books showing silverfish or similar damage
  • Books showing rodent or pet damage
  • Books defaced, heavily marked
  • Books showing water damage
  • Books with foxed and crumbling pages
  • Magazines
  • VHS tapes

Please make your donations at least two weeks before the Book Sale.