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Used Book Sale

Books are coming in by the carton load for our Fall Booksale. FOL members have sorted nearly 100 cartons of books already. If you are planning to make a donation, please make it soon.

The Spring booksale was wonderfully successful! We had over 38 volunteers and had a fabulous time looking through a wide variety of books.

Spring Book Sale

Books are coming in for the Spring Book Sale in large numbers. Please call ahead if you are making a large donation. And only give us books that are saleable- good condition, no encyclopedias or textbooks.

Spring Booksale
May 16th Membership Night 5:30-7:30
May 17th Friday 10-8 pm
May 18th Saturday 10-3 pm
May 19th Sunday 10-3 pm Box Day

Fall Book Sale

Thanks to all for a wonderfully successful Fall Book Sale.  Our volunteer coordinator estimates that 98 people put in 337 hours to get the book sale up and running!   We will be able to help the library with many new books and programs.


Fall Book Sale – November 15-18

Lots of exciting books have come in for our Fall Book Sale.  It promises to be our biggest ever.  It will be Nov 15th-18th.  Members Night is Nov 15th.  We have a particularly large collection of Civil War History this year.

Spring Book Sale

Thanks for a successful Spring Book Sale.  Over 35 volunteers helped us raise $8,000 for the library and recruit several new members.

Book Donations
We love having a community where people take the time to donate books and volunteer to help sell them. That way we can help our library keep up to date with materials and programs. But. Please remember that the books you donate to us must be sellable. As you cull your personal library, please consider the following FOL guidelines:

Yes Please! No Thank You
  • Fiction in good condition
  • Non-fiction in good condition
  • History, biography in good condition
  • Cook books in good condition
  • Gardening books in good condition
  • Potentially rare and valuable books
  • Children’s books in good condition
  • Complete puzzles in good condition
  • Audio books, CD’s, DVD’s
  • Textbooks and encyclopedias
  • Books smelling of smoke, mildew, etc.
  • Books showing silverfish or similar damage
  • Books showing rodent or pet damage
  • Books defaced, heavily marked
  • Books showing water damage
  • Books with foxed and crumbling pages
  • Magazines
  • VHS tapes

Please make your donations at least two weeks before the next Book Sale.  For the May Book Sale that means that all donations need to be received by April 15th.